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What is our production service

Production Service is a complex of videoproduction services based in Kyiv. Our team has grown and strengthened in SP Studio & SP Production. We assist the customer at any and every step of the video production. Swipe down to find out more.


We provide budgeting, planning, scenarios, organize resources supplying and the actors casting, help with staff hiring. After final scenario approval the production gets the preliminary phase, where agreements with participants, team, locations are signed, decorations and props are getting ready and all necessary shooting permissions are obtained.

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The main function of our services is the responsibility for the development and videofilming. We implement the processes with the most optimal approach, according to the customer needs and financial capabilities.

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After the production stage the post-production phase starts. According to the brief we provide such services, as editing and retouching, visual effects and motion-design, dialogue re-recording, sound effects, editing, correction etc.

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Equipment rent

We can rent a chamber, stabilization and lighting equipment of any class. This service involves solving the turnkey problem, which means not only the rental of equipment, but also the shooting area accompanying by highly qualified personnel, services for the delivery of equipment and maintenance.

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Art department

We also offer scenery developing and creating service, location filling with props and accessories, accompanying the filming process. Our team members are professionals and ready to create.

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Make-up & style dep.

We work with professional stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers.

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Our main goal is a positive result for which we work together, increase confidence and the opportunity to feel the value of high-quality video products.

Message us here or call +38 073 159 79 74.